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Angry Birds Vector Characters
31 Oct, 2023 178 888
A set of angry birds vector characters, the popular android app game. Includes birds and pigs with different facial..…
Metro Style UI & UX Icons
4 Nov, 2023 171 855
Fonts Addict A large set of 300 metro style vector icons for developers and designers. These are perfect for web and mobile UI &..…
All Devices Vector
11 Nov, 2023 168 840
A large set of various PC and mobile devices, including laptops, mobile smart phones, gaming consoles and tablets, ..…
Tablet & Smartphone Vector
3 Nov, 2023 163 811
A shiny and clean Android tablet vector along with a smartphone. These are black with silver edges, and have a beau..…
Two Vector Smartphones
7 Nov, 2023 160 799
Two pretty looking and very detailed smartphones in vector .eps format. Great for icon app design presentations of..…
Andy Warhol Vector Illustration
29 Oct, 2023 155 773
A simple vector illustration of Andy Warhol, the iconic American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker who was a leadi..…
Samsung Galaxy S III
9 Nov, 2023 54 268
Samsungâ„¢ Galaxy S 3 White Vector License…
Available In Android Market
2 Nov, 2023 37 181
Badge showing "Available in Android Market"…
MultiTouch-Interface Mouse-theme Hand-Hold
18 Oct, 2023 32 158
a dedicated set of mutlitouch functions icons in cartoon style…

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