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Model T 1906 Car
7 Feb, 2024 6 29
This was part of an ad in the 1906 (thus public domain) Pullman Herald newspaper. The ad (which was actually for a ..…
Old Fashion Racer
6 Feb, 2024 4 19
Fonts Addict A crowd is gathered around what appears to be a woman (or a very feminine man) who just one an oldtime race in an o..…
Old Fashion button
5 Feb, 2024 3 13
Old fashion shiny button. Boton brillante estilo antiguo.…
Two Women in Dresses - 1907
27 Jan, 2024 3 11
Two women look forlorn as they wait in a room. What are they waiting for? Woman's Liberation? I found this in the f..…
Old Fashion Halloween
2 Feb, 2024 2 8
At first glance, this is just four people in a room. Two gentlemen of considerable swagger and women of ultimate sh..…
Sexy Lady in 1902
6 Feb, 2024 1 4
This lady was considered the saucy in 1902. I suppose that is a walking stick or a pointer in her hand. Or maybe so..…
Three Men Thinking
5 Feb, 2024 1 4
What are they thinking about? Ways to make a box inside another box? Ways to unthink a book so that it is simply a ..…

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